Coronavirus and Shop Operations

Coronavirus Update 24th March 2020

As many of you would have heard from Boris's update yesterday evening (23rd March), most shops are now having to close. Food shops, pharmacies, corner shops, hardware stores, petrol stations, newsagents and a few others are able to remain open.

So we will continue to be open but urge you to only make the trip and enter the store if you have to. It is of the upmost priority that we reduce close contact and therefore encourage you to phone us or send an email order so we can arrange delivery or leave in an open space outside the shop or carry it to your car. It is vital that we reduce the distance between us at all times. Our staff are here to help, however when it is extremely busy in store, it makes it harder to achieve the safe distance between each other. If you arrive at the store please stay in the car until you can see that the shop is clear before entering. We will do our best to communicate with you and keep this essential distance between us all.

If there is a delay in reply or we do not answer the phone immediately please bear with us: we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Be safe.

The Yalden Team