Pest Control

We understand how important pest control can be that is why all year round we stock an array of products with the intention of fending off those pesky unwanted creatures.

In our mouse and rat department, you will find a variety of different methods such as traps (traditional and easy­set pre­baited), poison of varying sizes and strengths, bait stations, cages (rat and squirrel sizes, ideal for catching Glis Glis -­ a common pest in the local area) and other humane rodent catching equipment.

In our flying pest department, you will find products suitable for direct action on flying insects such as wasps, flies and moths. You will also find wasp nest killers in the form of foam sprays (for direct use) and powders (for indirect use) among other bug related products like flea bombs and moth repellents.

There are many other garden pests for which we have various suitable products for tackling, slugs and other bugs that like eat your plants and crops, we’ve got BugClear and other such products for those.

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