Garden tools and watering specialists 'Gardena' are our main brand in store for all watering related products. Their superior hoses and hose accessories range offer exceptionally high­ quality products at affordable prices. Customers often return with glowing reviews of their user­ friendly simplicity and ergonomic design after purchasing one item and proceed to replace their entire system.

We also stock Gardena’s complete range of Micro-­Irrigation products designed for gardening with ease using this self­-watering operational system.

Alternatively, we sell ‘X­-Hoses’ which are a range of hoses designed to be compact as they stretch out to full length when filled with water, then shrink when not in use (available in sizes 25ft­-100ft).

We also have water butts (plus accessories), watering cans and roses for all your other watering needs.

Contact us on 01494 872219 or visit us in store to find out more.